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 Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), Samoa

This dataset holds two reports;

* National Disaster Management Plan 2017 - 2020

* Samoa National Action Plan for Disaster Risk Management 2017 - 2021

The Samoa National Action Plan (NAP) for Disaster Risk Management is an operational document that should be read in conjunction with the National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP) 2017-2020.

 Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), Samoa

The NESP is a compilation of efforts and contributions across the sector which is a clear reflection of Samoa's collective responsibility as 'custodians' of the environment. The National Environment Sector Plan (NESP) 2017 ‐ 2021 updates the NESP 2013‐2016. It is based on the most recent State of the Environment (SOE) assessment documented in 2013, lessons learned from the previous NESP and outcomes of the Sector SWOT Analysis, which was conducted as part of the NESP review and update process

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

This Pacific Islands Framework for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas2021-2025 is the principal regional strategy document for environmental conservation in the Pacific. Its purpose is to guide broad strategic guidance for nature conservation planning, prioritisation, and implementation in our region. It reflects the urgent need for transformative action in response to the multiple accelerating threats, both established and emerging, that are faced by nature and people in the Pacific.